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Suggested Supply Lists

Suggested School Supply Lists - all donations are voluntary

Teachers will discuss the suggested supplies at back to school night. 

New plan for school supply donations. 

We are suggesting that you contribute to an overall class donation fund so teachers can prepare supplies for the entire class versus putting that burden on individual parents.  This will ensure that every student has the correct supplies needed, eliminating inconsistencies depending on where you shop. 


While shopping this summer, please only purchase a personal headphone, a non-rolling backpack, and a lunchbox.  All other supplies will be provided by your classroom teacher using donations to cover the cost of supplies for their class. Teachers always appreciate donations of clorox wipes and tissues throughout the school year.


You can purchase these supplies in lieu of a donation if preferred.  Please contact your child’s teacher for a more specific list once the school year begins.  All students will be provided with all needed classroom supplies regardless of purchase or donation. All donations are voluntary. A donation is not required to participate in any school activity.

Your teacher will reach out to you with more information in the beginning of the year for how to donate to our supply fund.