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FLES Program

Program Plan for FLES (Foreign Language in Elementary School)

Starting in 2016, we have been offering Mandarin FLES to the entire school. Students from transitional kindergarten to 5th grade have Mandarin instruction two times per week, 30 minutes each lesson. We want to make sure all students have high-quality learning of the target language and culture to cultivate a cohesive learning community. Students will be exposed to Mandarin Chinese language and culture through music, dance, abacus, calligraphy, pinyin, and more. 
Grade What Instructional Mins. How
TK-5th Mandarin Chinese Language & Culture (music, dance, abacus, calligraphy, Pinyin, basic characters, tea ceremony, festivals, etc.)  60 mins.per week
30 mins. each session
FLES teacher push-in