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Welcome to the Adobe Bluffs Library Media Center Website! Your children will be coming to our library for a scheduled class visit once every week. Our library works collaboratively with the classroom teachers, and a mix of independent choice and guided books selections will be presented to your children.

You can access the Adobe Bluffs Online Catalog by going to: Follett Destiny Poway Unified School District and select Adobe Bluffs - no login is necessary to browse our collection. Using your student identification number and your birthdate (mm/dd/yy) allows each student to log into their library account where they can find the materials they currently have checked out, due dates, and access the FollettShelf ebook collection.

Library Mission Statement

The Adobe Bluffs Elementary School Library Media Center provides a rich variety of materials that encourages intellectual curiosity, enriches and supports our educational programs, as well as emphasizes the value of reading for pleasure. The mission of our library is to provide an enjoyable and welcoming environment where students, teachers, staff and families can explore, learn, and have fun!

Our goals include:

  • inspiring students to be lifelong learners
  • fostering the love of reading
  • supporting the goals of our teachers and the curriculum
  • promoting academic excellence
  • acquiring and maintaining a balanced, quality collection of resources
  • ensuring students and staff effectively use ideas and information
  • and encouraging our students to learn, explore and have fun!
Returning books to our library is one of the easiest ways to learn responsibility! Please find a safe place to keep library books (backpack, desk), and return books on the day designated by the teacher. Students must return overdue books before another book can be checked out.

Preschool: no checkouts, browsing of selected books during library visit.

TK: browsing of selected books during library visit, checkout at teacher discretion
Kindergarten: 1 book for checkout per week, and the book must be returned before another book can be checked out. Children are introduced to various picture book shelves and authors weekly.

1st Grade: 1 book for checkout per week, and the book must be returned before another book can be checked out. Review of picture books, authors, and introduction to Early Reader and Early Chapter books.

2ns Grade: 2 books for checkout per week. Students begin a guided exploration of the entire library. Students are encouraged to checkout one fiction and one informational book per week.

3rd Grade:  3 books for checkout per week. Students learn the Dewey Decimal System, online library searching skills, and are expected to become independent library searchers!

4th Grade:  4 books for checkout for 2 weeks. In collaboration with the teachers, 4th graders do a year long genre study. Students are expected to be independent in searching and locating books both on the shelf and on the online system.

5th Grade:  5 books for checkout for 2 weeks. 5th Graders are Library Experts! All 5th graders are invited to be Library Adopt-A-Shelf Helpers, volunteering one recess a week to organize and maintain an assigned shelf in the library.

If your child brings home an overdue book notice, please help them locate the books. Library books often have special library binding and are very expensive to replace - ordering a replacement book from your local bookstore or amazon is not usually an option. If you are unable to find the book, the please send a note or call Mrs. Lingner to tell us that you have not been able to find the book. I will check our records again and get back to you. We may ask you to pay for the lost book.

If a book is damaged (wet pages, torn, crayons, puppy chew toy) please contact Mrs. Lingner in the school library so that I can evaluate the situation.

I often get asked if I accept donations, and the answer is YES! Students, staff, and parents, can donate a NEW book of their choice in honor of a special occasion (birthday) or person through our FABLE (Friends of Adobe Bluffs Library Enrichment) Book Club. Books must be appropriate for elementary school students.

I also accept donations of gently used, pre-owned books. Books will be evaluated to determine if they can be added to the Adobe Bluffs Library Collection. Books that would not work in the library collection will be offered to teachers for their classroom collection. All used books in good condition will be given a good home.

Adobe Bluffs Elementary School


This library collection policy reflects the needs for Adobe Bluffs Elementary School in San Diego, California, part of the Poway Unified School District. Adobe Bluffs serves approximately 400 students, from preschool to fifth grade.
I. The purpose of the school library media center is to provide developmentally appropriate instructional materials and recreational materials so that each student has the potential to develop to the best of his or her ability, mentally exploring the widest possible opportunities. The collection should support the curriculum in all disciplines as well as provide a common body of knowledge.
II. Selection
A. Book purchase requests may be made by faculty, parents, or students. The final purchase decision will be made by the library media technologist after consulting a variety of selection aids.
B. Criteria for selection will be made considering the following questions:
  • Does the item support the curriculum?
  • Is it age/developmentally appropriate for the patrons?
  • Is the material timely? Will it be outdated quickly?
  • Is the material accurate, written/edited by an authority?
  • Is the scope of the material adequate?
  • Is the material visually pleasing and readable?
  • Are the illustrations supportive of the text?
  • Are there user aids (bibliography, glossary, or index)?
  • Is there a need in this area of the current collection?
  • Will the material be widely used?
III. Collection maintenance (weeding)
A. Materials that have disfigurements beyond repair will be discarded.
B. Materials that are outdated or obsolete will be removed from the collection.
C. Materials that are age or developmentally inappropriate will be removed.
IV. Controversial material
A. Any patron or parent may challenge a selection by completing a “Citizen’s Request for Materials Review” form C-8, available in the principal’s office.
B. Challenged titles will be evaluated by the District Review Committee consisting of one grade level teacher, one Library Media Technologist, one principal, one member of the District Administration staff, three parents and four students. The committee’s final decision may be that the material be continued for general circulation or assignment to students, be circulated or assigned to students only after parental permission is obtained, or be removed from general circulation or assignment to students.