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Staff Directory

Student Support Services

24-Hour Absence Hotline: 1-858-484-8087

Hee-Jin Peterson, Principal, 3205, h[email protected]

Use the main school phone number: 1-858-538-8403 first, then the extension

Name Email Position
Harini Anumula [email protected] IA 3164
Alyssa Alvila [email protected] IA 3114
Flora Biglaryan [email protected] Food & Nutrition 780-2015
Benjamin, Maddie [email protected] IA 3113
Campian, Jacqueline [email protected] IA 3111
Cousar, Corrinne  [email protected] IA 3102
Duarte, Penny [email protected] psychologist 3154
Donnell, Victoria [email protected] IA 3111
Sandra Donnolly  [email protected] IA 3111
Demangel Savanier, Gwenaelle [email protected] IA  
Mona Enomoto [email protected] Psychologist 3155
Rebecca Gardner [email protected] Noon Duty  
Joele Ghosn [email protected] Speech 3129
Alejandra Haro [email protected] Noon Duty  
Li Fen Hsu [email protected]   3155
Lei Jin [email protected]   3155
Stefanie Kern [email protected] Office Assistant  3204
Jacklyn Kim [email protected] IA 3131
Karen King [email protected] IA  
Cheryl Klopstein [email protected] IA 3113
Kathy  McConville [email protected] ELL Aide 3159
Nicole Sanseverino [email protected] PE Aide  
Lisa Posteraro [email protected] Band  
Holly LeSage [email protected] IA 3102
Mary Lugo [email protected] IA  
Kathy McConville [email protected] EL IA 3159
Rima McCrady [email protected] IA  
Katrina Murdoch [email protected] Student Services  
Joann Ordonez [email protected] Food Services 3163
Cathy Palmer [email protected] LMT 3162
David Ramirez [email protected] Night Custodian 3151
Danica Rangel [email protected] IA 3111
Nicole Sanseverino [email protected] PE instructional assistant  
Lisa Sieck [email protected] Noon Duty   
Patricia Sugawara [email protected] IA 3102
Jozelle Vergara [email protected] Lead Custodian 3151
Jen Vilimonovic [email protected] TK IA 3104
Antonia Zaino [email protected] IA 3113