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Teacher Directory


Main school phone number: 1-858-538-8403
24-Hour Absence Hotline: 1-858-484-8087
fax: 1-858-538-2749
Hee Jin Peterson, Principal, 3205, [email protected]

Use the main school phone number: 1-858-538-8403 first, then the extension

Name Email Grade
Daisy Cai [email protected] Preschool 3101
Dani Sleichter [email protected] TK/K Extensive Supports 3102
Julie Lowrie [email protected] Transitional Kindergarten 3103
Marisa Plasencia-Contreras [email protected] Transitional Kindergarten 3104
Melissa Lopez [email protected] Kindergarten 3107
Maddie Curry [email protected] Kindergarten Immersion 3105
Fang Xie [email protected] Kindergarten Immersion 3105
Xingchen Wang [email protected] First Grade Immersion 3116
Nancy Cline [email protected] First Grade Immersion 3115
Taylor McCrady [email protected] First Grade 3122
Kristen Kapitzke [email protected]  First Grade 3121
Susie Lee [email protected] Second Grade 3133
Samantha Maritzen [email protected] First/Second Grade ES 3114
Grace Guo [email protected] Second Grade Immersion 3134
Alina Sheikh [email protected] Second Grade Immersion 3135
Rachel Dake  [email protected] Second/Third Grade 3117
Chris Szarek [email protected] Second/Third Grade ES 3111
Richard Figone [email protected] Third Grade Immersion 3119
Kerrie Shank [email protected] Third Grade 3131
Hsu-Yen Lin [email protected] Third/Fourth Grade Immersion 3118
Kyle Luciani [email protected] Fourth Grade 3118
Ben Dorsey [email protected] Fourth Grade 3133
Katie Krumenacker [email protected]  Fourth Grade Immersion 3112
Michelle Martin [email protected] 3-5 Extensive Supports 3113
Kathy Seckington [email protected] Fifth Grade 3109
Angela Aneshansley [email protected] Fifth Grade 3108
Samantha Roff [email protected]   5th Grade English Immersion 3112
Emma Prairie [email protected]  4/5th Grade Immersion 3110
Madison Yahner [email protected] Resource Teacher 3164
Li, Qiu (Julie) [email protected] TOSA 3154
Lauren LeMaster [email protected] TOSA 3207