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Traffic-Parking Lot Rules

Parking Lot

Slow Down. Slow Down. Slow Down !!!! For the safety of our children please drive slowly in the parking lot. Do not talk or use your cell phone while driving through the lot. Parking is limited and the parking lot can get congested. Busses and pedestrians have the right of way. The curb in front of the school is not a drop off zone. The curb is ONLY for busses. We encourage you to use the traffic circle or park in the streets surrounding the school. The flow of traffic should be single file, do not pass cars or busses in the lot.

Traffic Circle

Morning Drop Off

  • Be ready to unload quickly. Have backpacks in hand. Parents, please stay in your vehicle. Do not leave vehicles unattended in the traffic circle at any time.
  • Look and listen to the volunteers for guidance. Roll down your windows if needed.
  • Do not pass vehicles unless instructed to do so. Stay in a single file and stay to the right. The left side of the lane is for vehicles passing through to the parking lot.
  • Pull forward as far as possible – all the way forward.
  • Do not drive fast. Please watch for pedestrians.

Afternoon Pick up

  • Please remain in your car when waiting for your student in the afternoon.
  • Once your child is loaded, leave promptly to keep the flow of traffic moving.
  • When the car ahead of you pulls forward, please pull forward.
  • Keep a single file traffic lane.
Please pay close attention to those assisting in the traffic flow.