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Welcome to Adobe Bluffs! 

Welcome to Adobe Bluffs! It is an absolute privilege and honor to be partnering with this awesome community to pursue academic excellence.  As the school principal, I am committed to having an environment where I will be accessible, approachable, open minded, and a thoughtful listener for any matter that you may want to discuss.

We had so many celebrations and accomplishments last year and this year will be no different. We start our school year with a distinction as a California Gold Ribbon School for our commitment to academic excellence and community engagement.

Your interest and enthusiasm for your child’s schoolwork and school activities will help your child see school as valuable asset and s/he will strive to do well. Read with your child daily. Look over your child’s homework every day and give assistance when it’s needed. Show your child that education has a high priority through your daily actions and words. Preparation for high school graduation and college entrance exams begin now with the high expectations you set for your children. Please make sure your child comes to school every day and arrives on time unless s/he is ill. Attendance patterns get set early on.

We invite you to visit the school and be involved especially by joining the PTA and supporting the Adobe Bluffs Foundation.  This year we hope that 100 percent of our Adobe Bluffs Community will be engaged in supporting fundraising efforts as well as volunteer efforts to supplement multiple programs that benefit our students and teachers.

We will continue to improve student achievement by supporting teaching and learning in the classrooms through our Professional Learning Community. We want all of our students to be thoughtful, responsible, and successful global citizens through rigorous and cutting edge academic programs so that they will be prepared in this changing world. One of the program we are excited about offering this year is an introduction to Global Language/Culture for Elementary Students (GLES) so that our students are culturally and globally competent.

ABES community holds a special place in the heart of many people and I look forward to another productive year.  I promise to serve in the best of my ability to this community in humility and intentionality to uplift the quality of learning for all students at Adobe Bluffs Elementary School. We all share the same goal for your Adobe Bluffs Students, which is the heart of our mission statement:

Abobe Bluffs Elementary School is a professional learning community with a clear shared purpose and collective responsibility to provide a supportive collaborative environment which ensures academic and social growth for all students.