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Adobe Bluffs ESS Helpful Information

 ESS Hours
School Year: school dismissal - 6:00pm
Summer/School Breaks: 7:30am - 5:30pm
 Pay your Bills

1. Complete a Credit Card Authorization Form to enroll in AutoPay. This payment method is our most popular, and does not include a service fee.  Please turn this in to Mrs. Sherrie or Ms. Breonna.
Aslo, do not forget to create your ProCare Account for payments.


 Late Fees


A late pick-up fee will be assessed when a child is left beyond ESS operating hours. The late pick-up fee does not constitute an agreement for ESS to provide after-hours service, nor will the late fee be applied toward monthly fees. Chronic lateness at closing time may be grounds for termination of enrollment, per the Parent Handbook. 
late pick up fee will be charged after closing as follows: 
1-10 minutes $1.00 per minute, per child
11-30 minutes $30 per child
31-60 minutes $60 per child
*If the parent or other authorized person fails to pick up the child and/or contact ESS, and if no one can be reached within sixty minutes after closing time, ESS and/or school personnel may release the child to the custody of Child Protective Services or other legal authorities.*

late payment fee will be charged if payment is not received and processed by the 15th of each month.  ESS fees are due on the 1st of every month.


 Sign in/ Sign out procedures

Students must be signed in and out of E.S.S. daily. Only an authorized person with a picture I.D. can sign a child out of E.S.S. Your child is expected at E.S.S. each day. Please notify us whenever your child WILL NOT attend E.S.S. Children must be escorted to and from ESS daily.


 Vacation , Change of Contract

VACATION CREDITS: Parents must provide a two-week written notice in order to receive vacation credit, applicable to full and P.M. contracts only. Vacation credits are given in 5 consecutive day increments only and are limited to ten days per year. A Fee Adjustment Form (FAR) must be submitted to the site supervisor.

WITHDRAWAL FROM PROGRAM: Parents must provide a two-week written notice of withdrawal from the program. If this written notification is not provided, fees will be charged for two weeks, whether or not the child attends ESS. All account balances must be paid in full on withdrawal. Any prepaid balance of $10.00 or less which remains at the time of withdrawal from ESS will not be refunded unless requested in writing within 30 days. A Fee Adjustment Form (FAR) must be submitted to the site supervisor.

TERMINATION OF ENROLLMENT: Accounts two weeks in arrears may result in immediate termination of enrollment. Upon payment, enrollment may be reinstated with applicable paid tuition and $75.00 registration fee. Past due accounts may be referred to collections for past due balances. ESS contracts with a Collections Agency. If the account is sent to collections, parents will be responsible for the balance due plus fees associated with the collection of the account.

Fee Adjustment Form (FAR)



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